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Craig Droskin DDS 

Are you missing one or more teeth, and you've been looking for a beautiful and durable replacement option?  Dr. Droskin has been providing natural looking dental implants for his...

 Dental Care can be costly.  But did you know most of your family's dental problems can be prevented with proper home care.  When even the smallest fillings...


*Beautiful White Fillings

*Kind and Caring Approach

*Affordable Teeth Whitening

*Comfortable extractions

*Preventive Dentistry

*Braces for Adults

*Dental implant Tooth Replacement

*Nitrous Oxide Available

*All Ages Welcome

​*Wonderful With Children

*Dr. Speaks English,  Spanish and French

Now at our new state of the art location on First and Walnut. 132 Walnut Ave. Unit E.  (Opposite side of first street, and a half block north of  West Middle school and the new Encore Shop. Grand Junction Colorado). .

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Beautiful White Fillings 

Craig Droskin DDS.

Doctor Droskin Provides the newest technology combining strength, function, and cosmetics