Family Dentistry

Craig Droskin DDS 

Helping Families Save money with an emphasis on Prevention

Dental Care can be costly.  But did you know most of your family’s dental problems can be prevented with proper home care.  When the smallest fillings can cost as much as $150, it is more important than ever to incorporate a good home care routine into your daily schedule
Brush: Before school or work
            After school or work
            Before bed
Floss:  Before bed
I recommend for their night routine my patients brush, floss, and then brush again.  The fluoride in our toothpaste actually penetrates enamel and makes it stronger.  However, fluoride doesn’t reach the enamel if there is plaque in the way.  By flossing we remove plaque from between the teeth.  By immediately following with a second brushing, fluoride from your toothpaste will penetrate the enamel between your teeth instead of getting stuck on the surface of the plaque between your teeth.

We are always happy to help you take care of your dental needs but emphasize prevention so you can spend your money on more exciting things than dental repairs.

​                                          Craig Droskin DDS.