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Craig Droskin DDS 

Prevention of Rampant Decay                 in Babies


     Everyone knows that babies need milk to grow and develop.  But did you know that giving babies a bottle when you put them down for bed will cause a condition known as baby bottle caries.  Baby bottle caries is a condition in which your child will rapidly develop deep cavities on most if not all of their teeth.  This can lead to dangerous oral infections, and usually requires a hospital operating room setting with general anesthesia for treatment.  Cost of treatment can be thousands of dollars.

     Giving your Baby a bottle at night developes a habit that is hard to break, so it is best to never start.  If you already give your baby a bottle at night stop immediately.  Your infant might not be happy initially and will likely keep you up for a night or two, but they will soon forget this habit, and live on with a healthy mouth.

Craig Droskin DDS.

Baby Bottle Caries